What: Urban farm in former industrial area
Where: Vesterbro, Copenhagen, Denmark
When: Work in progress
By: Arcgency
Client: BaneGården ApS
Photo: BaneGården ApS
In the middle of Copenhagen, in a former DSB rail yard lies a hidden gem. It is a green oasis with wild growing plants, buzzing bees, birds and a group of wooden warehouses that looks like an abandoned city from an old western movie. 
The warehouses are great examples traditional danish craftsmanship. The visible construction, the dark pine-tar facades and the wild growing nature creates an atmosphere and aesthetic that makes the place feel like a time warp.
A transformation, carried out with attention to the inherent atmosphere shall open up the space to local inhabitants creating a lively communal space with urban farming, communal gardens, a farm shop, eatery and learning facilities. The aim is to create a place where children and adults, professionals and amateurs alike can get to together and learn about biodiversity, health and innovative food production, making Banegården a sustainable pioneer in the new city development of Vesterbro. 

Skitse af det nye område (DSB Ejendomme)


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