EXPO. Better City, Better Life

Sustainable mentality. The EXPO Pavilion is a new way of thinking about sustainability.

What: Expo 2010. 'Better City, Better Life' Expo
Where: Shanghai, China.
When: 2008.
By: Arcgency/MAPT. Cowi. Innovationlab, Femmes Regionales.

The EXPO Pavilion is a new way of thinking about sustainability. It is about mentality! The Danish pavilion gives the guest the possibility of making a difference. You can interact with the building by loading it with information or by extracting information.
When you visit the Pavilion your fingerprint is on the building, along with those of other 7 million people. Together you can make a difference on a global scale. The pavilion is a tree-like structure, with a huge digital screen below the “tree top”. 
This is where all information is gathered and shared using RFID technology. Within tree top 3 different exhibition spaces are located. The structure is designed with top of the line sustainable solutions. The temperature management system uses the absorbed energy from the hot air to cool down the building. The outer layer of the building is covered with solar panels and the structural beams are made from light weight fibre glass. 
The building takes up the sustainability challenge and translates it into something beautiful; it  becomes more than pure survival.

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